What We Do

Our vision is to to see the children, women, young people and the marginalized members of our society access justice, social and economic empowerment, and lead a decent and dignified livelihood.

We provide shelter to orphans and vulnerable children.

Many orphaned and vulnerable children do not have a place to stay and so spend most of their times on the streets of Kitale begging for survival. We provide them with a safe home which protects them from the harsh conditions on the streets.

We provide educational and training opportunities for orphaned and vulnerable children.

Many children don’t have the opportunity to get an education due to extreme poverty. We ensure each sponsored child has school supplies, uniforms and is enrolled in school

We provide regular and nutritious meals.

Children function best when they are fed physically, emotionally and spiritually. That’s why we ensure each child in our children’s home and the school has regular nutritious meals because many children who have parents are not able to access consistent food at home; sometimes for several days.

We provide basic medical and emergency care.

Each student receives basic medical care and emergency care when needed. Our goal is to keep these children healthy so they can grow up to make a difference in their community.

We provide the love of Christ to these children.

The most important thing we can share with these children is the love of Jesus Christ. It’s this love that will have an eternal impact on them and their communities. By partnering with local Christian leaders, we ensure each child is not only taught the Word of God, but is loved by God’s people.